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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New TEES & TANKS just in!

 limited quantities, so Hurry In!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dancing Reality SHows!

Have you been keeping up with all the Dance Reality shows??  I LUV them. I'm watching one tonight, as a matter of fact!
They make you want to break out your "Blue Suede Shoes".  My husband and I have different ideas of (blue suede) dancing shoes?!?

Either way, there's something for everyone - dance on over to our shop and check out our wide variety of show stoppers!

(Cheesey - Huh?)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HACKERs suck!!

We're OUTRAGED that our website keeps getting hacked.
 iF YOU're getting Re-routeD to our Blog, it's beccuzz
we're trying to figure out what to do 'bout our website.
(Don't worry - you're safe on our blog, it's our website that's acting up.)
Ryan, our Computer Guru is doing his best to keep us calm, he says it's robots, not people, but we are downright FURIOUS!!
If you are trying to order something online, please call us at 505.898.4488.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to . . .

Small Gift Tins $4 each 
Check out our new blog, "SNEAK PEEK".  It will let you in on our decor and project secrets.  We're happy to share our techniques with our customers and fans.  Check it out!  Please leave us a comment - Let us know if it's worth your while.

Antique Dresser all GLAMMED UP

This antique dresser needed a FACELIFT and a little TLC. 

We dressed it up with a couple coats of silver paint and accessorized with glass knobs - Voila, it's ready for a Great Weekend!!




Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girly Glam Vanity Dresser by Drab-to-Fab

  Sherry, from Drab-to-Fab  came by this week.  She worked on this piece at our place.  This cute dresser vanity was boxy and boring (aka "Drab").
 She took off the broken hardware and sanded the piece well.  To make the paint job less work, she mixed lavender paint into white primer.  This way she could combine two steps.  She applied two coats.  Next, she took a gorgeous Ralph Lauren stencil to each side and used a roller with a thin coat of white paint and stenciled each side.  (Rollers work well with stencils, because they apply an even coat of paint and do not push paint under the stencil, like a brush tends to.)
Knowing the hardware could not easily be replaced.  She used wood appliques to cover the large holes the old hardware left.  She applied several white appliques and some sweet porcelain knobs to the unit and even added two cute little legs to the front of the piece to make it appear more feminine.
Two coats of polyurethane SEALED THE DEAL!!
She's a miracle worker!