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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girly Glam Vanity Dresser by Drab-to-Fab

  Sherry, from Drab-to-Fab  came by this week.  She worked on this piece at our place.  This cute dresser vanity was boxy and boring (aka "Drab").
 She took off the broken hardware and sanded the piece well.  To make the paint job less work, she mixed lavender paint into white primer.  This way she could combine two steps.  She applied two coats.  Next, she took a gorgeous Ralph Lauren stencil to each side and used a roller with a thin coat of white paint and stenciled each side.  (Rollers work well with stencils, because they apply an even coat of paint and do not push paint under the stencil, like a brush tends to.)
Knowing the hardware could not easily be replaced.  She used wood appliques to cover the large holes the old hardware left.  She applied several white appliques and some sweet porcelain knobs to the unit and even added two cute little legs to the front of the piece to make it appear more feminine.
Two coats of polyurethane SEALED THE DEAL!!
She's a miracle worker!